10 Foods That Are Bad For Your Dog


Your lovely puppy will always want the taste food to eat. They don't understand the value of food but you have to be experienced in this matter. You cannot hold your dog from feeding harmful foods. The foods only give taste and appealing should be avoided because they create health problem in future for your dog. The foods conceptions are given below to make the dog owners careful about their pet's health.

1. CHOCOLATE : Theo-bromine is a very effective and poisonous chemical that may create unhygienic problems for your dog. So I frankly request you not to serve this food to your dog ever. If it becomes practices of eating your dog will expect it from you all the time.

2. SWEETS AND CHEWING GUM: Xylitol is used in making candies sweet and tasteful and they are the best choice of children. As it is not healthy for their health, we do not give them children. At the same time we should avoid it for our dogs. Because it may create decay problem for our dogs dental and sweets will cause heart problem for them.

3. ONIONS : The onions are very risky for your dogs red blood cells so try not to serve them to your dog for feeding. You should know that the all the onions such as leeks, chives, shallot and so on are detrimental for your dogs health. You have to also keep your dog away from the daffodils, tulips and Lilies.

4. COFFEE: The caffeine is similar to Theo-bromine so you have to avoid feed your dog to drink coffee. Because the coffee contains a lot of caffeine and if you feed it to your dog regularly it will become ill.

5. MACADAMIA NUTS: The Merck Veterinary Manual has proved that the Macadamia nuts are risky and poisonous for your dog's health. If you make a combination of Macadamia nuts with chocolates it may cause huge problems for your dogs. As you love your lovely dog you should not serve this food at all before it.

6. ALCOHOL: Alchohol is mixed in many kinds of drinks such as in bear, cold drinks, soft drinks and so on. It is strong prohibited for human being to eat. So your dog is a animal and it will cause more problems for it so you have to avoid giving your dog this alcohol containing foods or drinks.

7. MUSHROOMS: Mushroom feeding is a good idea for your dog and it you feed them to your dog you must know of their sorts. There are some Mushrooms which grow in one area and they are safe for your dog. But the mushrooms grow in different areas should be avoided feeding your dog.

8. AVOCADO: The Avocado cause two types of problems for your dog and they are very risky for your dog. Firstly it causes to make the pit large and round. It also causes the problem of hazard that is the main reason for having digestive problems. So before you feed your dog you should ask veteran about your feeding trick.

9. STICK TO SAFE FOODS: For your dogs best health safety you need to keep yourself attached to the fact of feeding safe food. You have to feed your dog plain rice that is not served with onion-mushroom sauce. You can make a habit of feeding your dog of this foods to make it healthy and strong and diseases free.

10. GRAPES AND RAISINS: Grapes are very much poisonous for your dog's health and unhygienic too. If you serve this food continuously your dog may become sick. Actually the poisonous chemical was not specified in grapes yet. But it has been advised not to feed your dog grapes at all. If you are late to take advice from the veteran you are going to lose the kidney of your dog. Raisins are same and they are dried so you should avoid them to feed your dog.

After all, the dog owner should know about the pet care and the feeding is one of them. Health care of their pet dogs are only possible when they are feeding unhygienic foods them. The must show their dogs to the veterans and know to have the suitable food to their dogs.